November 29, 2023

Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) protected by AI-based ultrasound

The Hasytec AI-based ultrasonic system prevents marine growth and fouling in all seawater carrying systems on board, a huge step forward in protecting life in the sea.

A Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) is a vital component required while transiting and transferring Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) through the oceanic channels. Therefore, FSRU s can be termed as a special type of ship used for LNG transfer.

The LNG fuel transported in a semi-cooled slushy state of around -160 ͦC, to the required destination, needs to be heated up to its original gaseous state. This re-heating needs to be carried out before the gas is pumped into its storage systems. The whole process of freezing and then re-heating the fuel is extremely expensive not to mention time-consuming as well.

Heating and cooling aboard also means that the FSRU have installed very large heat exchangers, they are typically three meters high and cannot be compared with the heat exchangers in regular ship`s engine rooms Ålesund Maritime usually supply to. These FSRU` cooling systems have a far more complex nature.

To underline the development-dedication and technology level Hasytec have reached in a fairly short period of time, they have harvested with not only receiving type approval, but also higher reach certifications. Indeed a statement of the values and standards we are following in our rapid paced growth along with Hasytec.

So, of course, as a result of our common efforts we are indeed proud of supplying our sophisticated Hasytec DBPi antifouling system to Excelerate Energy`s Excelsior FSRU and their partners.

What is also new, we have recently signed contracts with other FSRU operators as well, one of them is having our system installed these days at a shipyard in Asia, while we discuss with them how to proceed with the next project, protecting the next FSRU cooling system for them.

(photo courtesy of Excelerate Energy)

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